EUA04 Enzyme Cleansing Gel
EUA04 Enzyme Cleansing Gel Deep Cleansing Dermic Eucare Facial Care Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Bandar Menjalara Centre, Treatment, Salon, Services | Classic Beauty Studio
Scrub particles made from sea extracts with additional microcrystalline wax particles

This unique combination of Amino Acid with mild scrub particles gathered from the ocean in the form of microcrystalline wax particles, can completely remove excess oil, dirt and thick layers of dead cells from your face. With added cucumber extract to please and soothe skin, plus the use of beer yeast enzyme essence, it can help boost your skin’s antioxidant and whitening properties as well as brighten your skin and make sure it doesn’t feel tight after cleansing. A cleanser so good, it’s a definite keeper! 

Yeast Extract: NCTU

Since there is quite a heavy composition of yeast extract contained in this product, it does have some degree of maintenance function for the skin, it is considerably more functional on the surface. For example, said extract contains amino acids, sugars known to have a moisturizing effect; and peptides function differently according to their structure and provide various effects, which would probably include moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and other functions in general. Multivitamins are also incontained therein in accordance with the type and concentration of a variety of different functionalities, including whitening, moisturizing, anti-oxidation effects are possible; the enzyme component can help the normal metabolism of skin, the epidermis, increase skin brightness and degree of detail


Take an appropriate amount of cleanser and lather it on your hands with a little water until it foams. Then gently massage over your entire face to break down dirt floating on the surface. Rinse with water.

Suitable for

  • Oily Skin
  • Combination Skin

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